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Father Francesco Antonio Girimonte1 b. 30 Nov 1858, d. 8 Apr 1941
Mother Caterina Oliverio b. c 1875, d. b 1930

Louis Gerimonte1

#2805, b. circa 1903, d. 6 March 1949
Reference C2.13(2)35
Birth 19 October 1900 Washington, USA2,3,4,5 
Birth* circa 1903 Washington, USA6 
(Witness) Census 17 April 1910 Francesco Antonio Girimonte, Francesco Saverio Girimonte; 1725 Grand Street, Spokane, Spokane, Washington, USA7
(Witness) Census 5 April 1930 Francesco Antonio Girimonte; 139 South Sherman Street, Spokane, Spokane, Washington, USA; Second entry into 1930 census6
Education* before 11 August 1942 Highest Completed: Grammar School4 
Description* before 11 August 1942 Height: 5'3", Weight: 164 lbs.4 
Occupation* before 11 August 1942 Barber4 
Milit-Beg* 11 August 1942 Spokane, Spokane, Washington, USA, 47.65573,-117.3552G; Branch: U.S. Army Air Corps
Rank: Private, Drafted
Serial No.: 39 453 3994,8
Military* between 27 August 1942 and 15 April 1943 Washington, USA; 303rd Training Group8 
Milit-End* 15 April 1943 8 
Marriage* 26 June 1947 (Bride) Georgia A. Parks; Spokane, Spokane, Washington, USA, 47.65573,-117.3552G; #1189
Louis Gerimonte (#2805)
Marriage: 26 Jun 1947
Spokane, Washington, USA
Death* 6 March 1949 Spokane, Spokane, Washington, USA, 47.65573,-117.3552G; Cert #: 54505,2,8
Louis Gerimonti (#2805)
U.S. Headstone Application
06 Mar 1949
Burial* 8 March 1949 Holy Cross Cemetery, Spokane, Spokane, Washington, USA; Plot: D-106-6/110,8
Found in Census Census Index
Served in Military Military Index
Charts C2 - Saverio Girimonte (#3940) (c1741 - 1801)
Last Edited 16 Jan 2014
Immigrated N
Acquainted N
Source N
Census Y
Military Service Y


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