Select any of the following links to view their associated indexes:

These indexes are a way of grouping and sorting information for making it easy to find information. These are vitally important given the massive amount of data contained in this project.

  • Master Index A good place to start to narrow down your search by range of people. Select the range of names that would include the person you are seeking.
  • Surname Index This lists all surnames found in this project along with the number of instances for each.
  • Place Index This is an index of every location found in this project.
  • Census Index A listing of all individuals who have been found in census records.
  • Military Index List of all people who are known to have had military service.
  • Immigration Index List of all people who are known to have emigrated from their country of birth to another country to live.
  • Data Contributors Index This is a list of family members who have been instrumental in providing information for this project. They have been an enormous help to this project!
  • Researchers Index Here is a list of our other family historians who I have been working closely with over the years. Many thanks goes out to all of them for their invaluable assistance in this project:
  • Notable People Here are some people of notoriety within this project.