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FatherPasquale Bartolo Maria Girimonte2 b. 24 Aug 1815, d. b 1922
MotherMaria Vincenza Scalise2 b. 11 Jun 1816

Saveria Girimonte1

#1375, b. 25 January 1839, d. 30 March 1917
Relationships1st cousin 4 times removed of William Joseph Girimonti III
2nd great-grandmother of Patricia Alejandra Llonch
NoteEnterrada en nicho 2ºR 212 del Cementerio El Salvador, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. Información incluida en documentos originados en el Cementerio El Salvador transcriptos por María Eugenia Romeo y remitidos por e-mail. 
Name VariationIsabel Girimonte 
Name VariationIsabella Girimonte3 
Name VariationIsabel3 
Birth*25 January 1839Casino, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, 39.271667,16.769167G; #34 
Birth27 January 1839Casino, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, 39.271667,16.769167G5 
Baptism27 January 1839Casino, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, 39.271667,16.769167G; #32
Saveria Girimonte (#1375)
Baptism: 27 Jan 1839
Casino (CZ), Calabria, Italy
Occupation*Peasant Farmer 
Marriage*31 August 1858(Groom) Domenico Talerico; Casino, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, 39.271667,16.769167G; #76 
Marriage*circa 1868(Groom) Vincenzo Aiello; Casino, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, 39.271667,16.769167G3,7 
Note*20 June 1889Italy, 41.967500,12.963611G; Purchased ticket for passage to Buenos Aires, Argentina8 
Passport*16 September 1889Italy, 41.967500,12.963611G; #5148 
Emigration*22 September 1889Port of Naples, Napoli, Napoli, Campania, Italy, 40.835556,14.285278G; Ship: Po8
Saveria Girimonte (#1375)
Emigration Contract: 22 Sep 1889

Emigrant: Maria Rosa Aiello
Emigrant: Caterina Aiello
Emigrant: Teresina Aiello
Immigration*21 October 1889Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Pampas, ArgentinaG; Ship: Po9 
Immigrant: Maria Rosa Aiello
Immigrant: Caterina Aiello
Census*1895Vincenzo Aiello; Argentina, -39.402222,-63.896389G10
Saveria Girimonte (#1375) & Vincenzo Aiello (#4111)
1895: Argentina National Census

Witness: Eugenia Ander
Witness: Tomás Talarico
Witness: Luis Ayel
Witness: Domingo Filiberto Talerico
Death*30 March 1917Rosario, Santa Fe, Pampas, ArgentinaG3 
Death14 March 1918Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina11 
Deathcirca 15 March 1918Rosario, Santa Fe, Pampas, ArgentinaG12,3
Saveria Girimonte (#1375)
Funeral: 15 Mar 1918
Burial*15 March 1918Cementerio El Salvador, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina11 

Family 1

Domenico Talerico b. 30 Dec 1835, d. 28 Oct 1866
Children 1.Tommaso Maria Talerico+13 b. 5 Apr 1862, d. c 1902
 2.Angela Maria Talerico+14 b. 4 Jun 1865, d. 16 Dec 1915

Family 2

Vincenzo Aiello b. 12 Sep 1842, d. c 24 Aug 1919
Children 1.Maria Rosa Aiello+ b. 2 Jul 1869, d. 1934
 2.Maria Rosa Aiello+3 b. 2 Jul 1869, d. 1934
 3.Luigi Aiello+3 b. c 1874, d. 23 Feb 1915
 4.Caterina Aiello+8,3 b. 1875, d. 28 Oct 1921
 5.Teresina Aiello3 b. 1879
Found in CensusCensus Index
ImmigrantImmigration Index
ChartsA4 - Nicola Girimonte (#2070) (c1740 - 1810)
Last Edited17 Jul 2014


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