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Father Ignazio Girimonte b. May 1854, d. bt 1921 - 16 Apr 1930
Mother Filomena Bitonti b. c 1865, d. 1944

Austin Louis Geremonte

#1209, b. 6 May 1903, d. 22 February 1998
Reference C12.159
Education* Completed: 4 Years of High School1 
SSN* 020-10-50492,3 
Name Variation Louis A. Geremonte4 
Birth* 6 May 1903 Stoneham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA2,3,5 
Birth 15 May 1903 6 
(Witness) Census 29 April 1910 Ignazio Girimonte; 300 Spring Lane, Stoneham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA7
(Witness) Census 15 January 1920 Ignazio Girimonte; Spring Lane, Stoneham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA8
(Participant) Event-Misc circa 1930 Filomena Bitonti; Massachusetts, USA; Family photo
(Witness) Census 16 April 1930 Filomena Bitonti; 27 Spring Lane, Stoneham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA4
Occupation* between 16 April 1930 and 1938 Insurance Agent9,10,11,4 
Name Variation 1931 Lewis A. Geremonte12 
(Witness) Address between 1931 and 1938 (Resident) Filomena Bitonti; 55 Spring Lane, Stoneham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA9,10,11,12 
Marriage* (Bride) Mary F. 
Occupation before 1 December 1942 Photographer, Retouching Artist1 
Description* before 1 December 1942 Height: 5'7", Weight: 173 lbs.1 
Milit-Beg* 1 December 1942 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA; Branch: U.S. Army, Rank: Private, Drafted1
Milit-Beg 14 December 1942 U.S. Army, WWII3 
Milit-End* 7 June 1945 Rank: Technician 5th Grade3,5 
Address* March 1994 (Wife) Mary F.; 63 Mott Street, Arlington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA13,6 
Death* 22 February 1998 Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA; Certificate: #01708114,3,5 
Burial* Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Medford Street, Arlington, Massachusetts, USA5 


Mary F. b. 21 Oct 1912, d. 15 Jan 1995
Children  1. Lois Marie Geremonte+
  2. Anne Geremonte+
  3. Ellyn Geremonte+
Found in Census Census Index
Served in Military Military Index
Charts C12 - Luigi Girimonte (#3513) (c1764 - 1808)
Last Edited 17 Jan 2014
Immigrated N
Acquainted N
Source N
Census Y
Military Service Y


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