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Father Antonio Girimonte b. 3 Feb 1883
Mother Barbara Lopez b. 16 Mar 1896, d. 3 May 1970

Frank Michael Geremonte1

#1205, b. 30 March 1919, d. 5 February 2007
Reference C12.152(2)3
SSN* Massachusetts, USA, 42.415278,-71.487778G; 030-09-66052 
Birth* 30 March 1919 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA3,4 
Occupation* Attorney 
Milit-Beg* 10 July 1942 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA, 42.366667,-71.037222G; U.S. Navy, Signalman (SM), Service No: 607 12 911,4 
Military* 31 January 1944 USS Tatum; Transfer to USS Tatum (DE789) from USS Alcor (Flag Allowance) for duty || Rank: SM3c1
Frank Michael Geremonte (#1205)
Navy Muster Roll, Line 4
31 Jan 1944
Military 1 April 1944 USS Tatum (DE789); Promotion to SM2c1
Frank Michael Geremonte (#1205)
Navy Muster Roll, Line 3
28 Apr 1944
Military 1 January 1945 USS Tatum (APD-81); Promotion to SM1c (T)1
Frank Michael Geremonte (#1205)
Navy Muster Roll, Line 14-15
31 Jan 1945
Military 19 January 1945 USS Tatum (APD-81); Transfer to U.S. Naval Hospital for treatment1 
Military 26 January 1945 USS Tatum (APD-81); Transfer to USS Tatum (APD-81) from US Naval Hospital, St. Albans, Long Island, New York for duty1
Frank Michael Geremonte (#1205)
Navy Muster Roll, Line 16
31 Jan 1945
Military 2 October 1945 Transfer to USS Lamons (DE743) for transport to FFT PSC, Boston, Mass. for separation.1
Frank Michael Geremonte (#1205)
Navy Muster Roll, Line 4
15 Oct 1945
Milit-End* 6 November 1945 4 
Address* 11 June 1997 Frank M. Geremonte, 30 Broadway, Stoneham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA5 
Death* 5 February 2007 Stoneham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA6,2,4 
Served in Military Military Index
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Charts C12 - Luigi Girimonte (#3513) (c1764 - 1808)
Last Edited 18 Jan 2014
Immigrated N
Acquainted C
Researcher N
Source Y
Census N
Military Service Y


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