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Father? Girimonti

Maria Girimonti

#2163, b. circa 1864
Duplicate?*Maria Gerimonte; Based on age, name and location 
Birth*circa 1864Calabria, Italy, 39.249167,16.358611G 
Marriage*circa 1885(Groom) Vincenzo DiPaola1 
Residencebefore 19 April 1904San Nicolo dell'Alto, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, 39.289444,16.973611G2 
Psgr List*19 April 1904Port of Naples, Napoli, Napoli, Campania, Italy, 40.835556,14.285278G; Ship: Prinz Adalbert, Line: Hamburg-American Line2
Maria Girimonti (#2163)
Ship Manifest
19 Apr 1904

Witness: Genoveffa DiPaola
Witness: Domenico DiPaola
Witness: Giuseppe DiPaola
Immigration*4 May 1904Ellis Island, New York, New York, New York, USA2 
Witness: Genoveffa DiPaola
Witness: Domenico DiPaola
Witness: Giuseppe DiPaola
Residence*after 4 May 1904Vincenzo DiPaola, Utica, Oneida, New York, USA; House of Husband2,3 
Witness: Domenico DiPaola
Witness: Giuseppe DiPaola
Witness: Genoveffa DiPaola
Witness: Vincenzo DiPaola
Anecdote*5 November 1917Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, USA; $200 Reward for Recovery of $2010

Adopt New Method in Hopes of Securing Money Sold by Boy.

"Mrs. Mary Gerimonte Fusaro, who last weke [sic] lost $3010, the life saving of herself and her brother Michael Gerimonte, to-day authorized the police to offer a reward of $200, with no questions asked, for information that would lead to the recovery of the $2010, still missing.

Emmett Green, the six-year-old boy who found the money sold $2010 to a strange man for four pennies."4
Maria Girimonti (#2163)
05 Nov 1917: Newspaper Article

Family 1

Vincenzo DiPaola
Children 1.Domenico DiPaola b. c 1886
 2.Giuseppe DiPaola b. c 1891
 3.Genoveffa DiPaola+ b. c 1903

Family 2

James Fusaro
ImmigrantImmigration Index
ChartsP1 - Maria Girimonti (#2163) (c1864 - )
Last Edited26 Nov 2018


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