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FatherPietro Girimonte2 b. s 1733, d. 3 Apr 1811
MotherRosa Toele2 b. c 1746, d. 24 Sep 1809

Antonio Maria Giovanni Ierimonte1

#1266, b. 28 June 1773, d. 19 May 1831
Name VariationGerimonte 
Name VariationGirimonte3 
Name VariationGiovanni 
Baptism*28 June 1773Caccuri, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, 39.226111,16.779722G1,3
Antonio Maria Giovanni Ierimonte (#1266)
Baptism: 28 Jun 1773, Caccuri
Marriage*circa 1799(Bride) Serafina Aragona; Caccuri, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, 39.226111,16.779722G 
Occupation*Falegname (Carpenter)3 
Marriage*7 August 1830(Bride) Angela Serafina Spinello; Caccuri, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, 39.226111,16.779722G; #83
Death*19 May 1831Caccuri, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, 39.226111,16.779722G; #144

Family 1

Serafina Aragona b. s 1779, d. 11 Nov 1829
Children 1.Rosa Girimonte
 2.Pasquale Girimonte b. c 1802, d. 24 Jan 1833
 3.Pietro Girimonte+ b. s 1804, d. 3 Oct 1841
 4.Luigi Antonio Girimonte b. c 1809, d. 20 Aug 1849
 5.Anna Domenica Ierimonte+3 b. 26 Jul 1811

Family 2

Angela Serafina Spinello b. 10 Sep 1763
ChartsB1 - Pietro Girimonte (#1264) (s1733 - 1811)
Last Edited21 May 2019


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