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Father Saverio Domenico Gerimonte b. 5 Oct 1811, d. b 3 Dec 1882
Mother Maria Gaetana Milie b. s 1834, d. bt 3 Dec 1882 - 8 Apr 1893

Francesco Pasquale Girimonti

#1057, b. 16 April 1860, d. 29 November 1936
Reference C8.1(2)14
Birth* 16 April 1860 Caccuri, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, 39.226111,16.779722G1 
Anecdote* circa 1880 "Always chosen to play Jesus on the cross in the annual street festival in Caccuri."2 
Description* circa 1880 "Jolly, happy man with big red beard"2 
Marriage* 3 December 1882 (Bride) Maria Vincenza Falbo; Caccuri, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, 39.226111,16.779722G; #163
Occupation* circa 1913 Farm laborer 
Description 1913 Height: 5' 6", Complexion: dark, Hair: grey, Eyes: brown, Scar on forehead4 
Note* before 20 May 1913 Was in prison at one point of his life. This might have been the reason for being deported from the USA upon arrival in 1913.4 
Psgr List* 20 May 1913 Napoli, Napoli, Campania, Italy, 40.835556,14.285278G; Ship: San Guglielmo, Line: Sicula-American Line.4
Francesco Pasquale Girimonti (#1057)
Ship Manifest
20 May 1913
Immigration* 8 June 1913 New York, New York, New York, USA4 
Migration* 8 June 1913 Port of New York, New York, New York, New York, USA; Deported (reason: 3;30). Supposed to settle in Buffalo, NY with his son, Michele Domenico Girimonte (#1051).4,5 
Death* 29 November 1936 Caccuri, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, 39.226111,16.779722G6 


Maria Vincenza Falbo b. s 1865, d. a 1949
Children  1. Domenico Natale Girimonte7 b. 6 Jul 1883
  2. Michele Domenico Girimonte+8 b. 8 May 1885, d. 28 Jan 1973
  3. Gaetano Girimonti+9 b. 3 Feb 1888, d. 12 Feb 1953
  4. Maria Girimonte10 b. 24 Dec 1890
  5. Giovanni Girimonte+ b. 2 Dec 1895, d. 7 Dec 1968
  6. Cataldo Girimonti+ b. s 1902
  7. Filomena Girimonti b. 8 Apr 1905, d. 14 Jan 1987
Immigrant Immigration Index
Charts C8 - Francesco Girimonte (#5663) (c1754 - 1816)
Last Edited 1 Dec 2018
Immigrated Y
Acquainted N
Source N
Census N


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