Sent: Thursday, 8 July 2010 7:01 a.m.
Subject: Information for your chart"

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I came accross your site by accident. It is wonderful to find information about my family tree. I was not searching for it, but stumbled accross it. It is amazing. Would love to provide you some updated info on Angelo Mercogliano, son of James Mercogliano and Mary Girimonte.
Angelo is my Father. He was born Dec 10, 1920 and deceased on Dec 30, 1993. He was married to Antoinette Durso. They had two children, myself James (male), and Janette(female).
I am married to Antoinette DellaChiesa. I have three children, Christopher(M), Nicholas(M) and LisaMarie(F). Janette is married to Joseph McHugh. Janette has two children, Luke (M) and Amanda(F).
Would love to provide more information when I have time as I think this is fantastic. I see there is a way to get a "private" password and would love to join.
Please let me know when you receive this info and the site is updated. As I said, I would love to assist in providing more info in the future.
Expect to hear back soon.
James Mercogliano