From: Linda Freeman
Sent: 25 May 2011 3:45pm
Subject: Girimonte family in Weed

Hello William,

I am working on a book and thesis on the jobs, neighborhoods, and people of Weed, Siskiyou County, California circa 1930. There were a lot of Girimonte's, and I'm positive some are your relatives as they are buried at Winema Cemetery and match your records rather closely. I plan to go do more photographing when it warms up a bit, and I'll take some photos. There are:

Francesco M. Girimonte 1870-1933
Maria F. Girimonte 1876-1957
Paul Girimonte 25 Sept 1897-25 Dec 1979

Rosina married Luigi Rizzo in 1919.

Do you have photographs of any of these people? Do you know anything else about the Chiarello family? They are tied to the Verdi family and I'm trying to figure it out.

I'm supposed to be finishing my thesis rather than doing this fun stuff, but I'll work harder on it once my thesis is done. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know some of your family is buried here.

Linda Freeman