From: Gabriele Girimonte
Sent: Saturday, 10 August 2013 4:27 p.m.
Subject: Information regarding me


You have me listed as the son of "Enzo" Girimonte and Rosa Girimonte, currently living in Calgary, Alberta. Here are some clarification and further information

My father "Enzo" is actually Vincenzo (went by the name Vince most of the time.
My mother Rosa's maiden name is Alfieri (from just outside of Napoli)

The spelling of my name is actually Gabriele (not Gabriel), although I usually go by Gabe.
I am married to Cynthia Card
We have 2 sons: Julian Girimonte and Sebastian Girimonte

My sister Rosa has the married name of "Ayotte", so her husband Rodney, as well as her two sons Timothy and Andrew, are all "Ayotte"

Hope you have a great day