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17 Jun 2008: Massive update to Family tree.
11 Sep 2005: Family tree updated.
22 Mar 2005: Newsletter went live.
13 Mar 2005: Family Tree went live
12 Mar 2005: Links went live.

Hello and welcome to GIRIMONTI.COM and the La Famiglia Girimonti website.

Our Mission

To be the focal point of family information and communication for all of our family members, worldwide.

The Intended Audience

This website is intended for use by those who have an interest in the Girimonti family (and the many spelling variations of the name).

About This Website

This website is devoted to the Ierimonte, Ierimonti, Girimonte, Girimonti, Giramonte, Giramonti, Gerimonti, Geremonte, Girimont, Girmonde families. It includes family history, announcements, discussions and information relevant to the families.

What We Offer

  • We provide a number of sections on this website to appeal to most of our visitors.
    • Our Mission: Description of the purpose of this website and what it is intended to achieve (this page).
    • Family Tree: The largest database of our family history in the world. For our visitors who are interested in the genealogical research of our family, this is an absolute must see.
    • Family Photos: Various photos of family members. We also accept submissions of photos.
    • Newsletter: Archives of the now defunct La Famiglia Distante (The Distant Family) newsletter published from 1993 to 1995. This newsletter detailed the genealogical research that was undertaken on our distant family and was our very first attempt at bringing the family closer together.
    • Feedback: An online form that helps us to understand how this website is being received by our target audience.
    • Links: A listing of other internet websites that we find particularly interesting with reference to our family.
    • Announcements: Family news and information concerning our distant family.
    • Discussion Board: An online chat forum for our family members to communicate.
    • Guestbook: A means for any of our site visitors to leave general comment about our website.
    • Contact Us: Contact information for our website staff.
    • Home: Takes our visitors back to our initial entry page.
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