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FatherFrancesco Pasquale Girimonti b. 16 Apr 1860, d. 29 Nov 1936
MotherMaria Vincenza Falbo b. s 1865, d. a 1949

Giovanni Girimonte

#713, b. 2 December 1895, d. 7 December 1968
Giovanni Girimonte (#713)
Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, USA
c 1968
SSN*Pennsylvania, USA; 193-01-48541 
Migration*Cirò, Catanzaro, Italy -->
West Virginia, USA -->
Italy -->
Caccuri, Catanzaro, Italy -->
Clarksburg, West Virginia, USA -->
Galloway, West Virginia, USA -->
Cirò, Catanzaro, Italy -->
Galloway, West Virginia, USA -->
Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, USA2 
Birth*2 December 1895Cirò, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, 39.383889,17.062778; Extract of birth record on hand3,4
Giovanni Girimonte (#713)
Birth Record Extract
02 Dec 1895
Immigrationbetween 1911 and 19142 
Milit-Beg*circa 1914Italian Army, WWI. Served 5 years5 
Milit-End*circa 1919Italian Army, WWI5 
Occupation1920"Was a wild boar and hog hunter in Italy. He worked for the Baron of Baracca and was a share cropper."5 
Marriage*18 May 1920(Bride) Giuseppina Pasculli; Caccuri, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, 39.226111,16.7797223,6 
Description1921Height: 5' 4", Hair: Chestnut, Eyes: Chestnut, Complexion: Natural2 
Occupation*1921Galloway, Barbour, West Virginia, USA; Coal miner 
Psgr List5 July 1921Port of Naples, Napoli, Napoli, Campania, Italy, 40.835556,14.285278; Ship: Pesaro, Line: Lloyd Sabaudo2
Giovanni Girimonte (#713)
Ship Manifest
05 Jul 1921
Immigration20 July 1921Ellis Island, New York, New York, New York, USA2,7 
Residenceafter 20 July 1921Gaetano Girimonti, 300-40th Street, Clarksburg, Harrison, West Virginia, USA; House of Brother2,8 
Witness: Gaetano Girimonti
Description*1924Napoli, Napoli, Campania, Italy, 40.835556,14.285278; Height: 5' 6", Hair: brown, Eyes: brown2,8 
Psgr List*16 February 1924Port of Naples, Napoli, Napoli, Campania, Italy, 40.835556,14.285278; Ship: Conte Verde, Line: Lloyd Sabaudo2
Giovanni Girimonte (#713)
Ship Manifest
26 Feb 1924

Witness: Giuseppina Pasculli
Witness: Maria Luisa Girimonti
Immigration*26 February 1924New York, New York, New York, USA2 
Witness: Giuseppina Pasculli
Witness: Maria Luisa Girimonti
Residence*after 26 February 1924Giuseppe Girimonte, Galloway, Barbour, West Virginia, USA; house of Brother2,8 
Witness: Gaetano Girimonti
Witness: Giuseppina Pasculli
Witness: Maria Luisa Girimonti
Occupation1930Laborer, Forging Company7 
Census*10 April 19301209 Birch Alley, Coraopolis, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA7
Giovanni Girimonte (#713)
1930 U. S. Census
10 Apr 1930

Witness: Giuseppina Pasculli
Witness: Maria Luisa Girimonti
Witness: Frank Girimonti
Witness: Katie Ann Girimonti
Note*10 April 1930Katie, Carmella and Jennifer were not found in the 1930 census. Perhaps they were born after the census?7 
Name VariationJohn Girimonti1,4 
Address*23 September 19361304 First Avenue, Coraopolis, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA4,9 
Event-Misc*23 September 1936Membership: Order Sons of Italy in America9
Giovanni Girimonte (#713)
OSIA Membership
23 Sep 1936
Census*12 April 1940Josephina Girimonti; 1304 First Avenue, Coraopolis, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA, 40.518791,-80.15787; Rent: $14 / Month10
Giovanni Girimonte (#713)
12 Apr 1940: 1940 U.S. Census

Daughter: Maria Luisa Girimonti
Daughter: Katie Ann Girimonti
Son: Frank Girimonti
Daughter: Carmella Joann Girimonti
Description1942Height: 5'5 1/2"; Weight: 125 lbs.; Eyes: Brown; Hair: Black; Complexion: Light Brown; Badly scarred on right arm11 
Military-Draft-Regis*27 April 1942Local Board #20, 4431 Main Street, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA4
Giovanni Girimonte (#713)
WWII Draft Registration
27 Apr 1942
Employment*27 April 1942Pittsburgh Forgings, Coraopolis, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA4 
Address*1968(Wife) Giuseppina Pasculli; 519 7th Avenue, Coraopolis, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA12 
Death*7 December 1968Devine Providence Hospital, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA; #9604; Cause: Bladder Cancer12,1


Giuseppina Pasculli b. 23 Jun 1899, d. 4 Jun 1991
Children 1.Maria Luisa Girimonti+ b. 1922, d. 15 Feb 2006
 2.Jennifer H. Girimonti
 3.Vincent Girimonte7
 4.Katie Ann Girimonti b. c Apr 1926, d. 26 Oct 1967
 5.Frank Girimonti+ b. 21 Aug 1927, d. 11 Dec 1980
 6.Dominic Paul Girimonti+
 7.Carmella Joann Girimonti+ b. 21 May 1932, d. 20 May 1979
Found in CensusCensus Index
Served in MilitaryMilitary Index
ImmigrantImmigration Index
ChartsB3 - Rosario Girimonte (#1315) (c1769 - )
Last Edited27 Dec 2016
Military ServiceY


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